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The multi-talented Daniel grew up in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and loved music ever since he was little. He would kick in his mother's womb when his dad would play guitar and sing. He started playing the piano at the ripe age of 4 but the piano alone wasn't enough to satisfy the hunger for more music knowledge, thus began his quest to start learning the guitar on his own at 12, drums at 13, bass at 15 and violin at 17. He later graduated from International College of Music and the renowned Berklee College of Music. 


Daniel puts on many different hats as a musician,



His first EP "T.I.N.Y." was released in April of 2010 and got major attention in the local scene. Following that success, he began touring and has been gracing the stage ever since in South East Asia. In July 2016 he released his next record "First Love".

The single "Dreaming" had gone viral within just two days upon release. Daniel and his band had toured around the world including Australia, Asia and North America.

In 2018 Thisis. DY took on a new sound as Daniel matured in his sound. He released the single "Changing" on December 27th 2018 and then Bedtime Story August of 2019

Thisis. DY :: The ARTIST

Daniel the Session Player

In 2011, Daniel found out how much he loved making music with and for other artists while taking a break from being on tour. He started going on tour backing up various artists as well as laying down tracks in the studio for various artists. He's played on hundreds of songs. He's worked with artists like Steve Thornton, Gabriel Lynch, Mary Mcavoy, Caroline Portu among many others

Daniel has also written jingles and scored for films over the years, he is also the worship director of a multi campus church, Faith Community Church in Boston Massachusetts. 

TLDR: Thisis DY is Daniel the artist, listen to his new single HERE.

Daniel Yoong is also a session musician, his work can be found HERE.


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