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© 2016 Daniel Yoong

Who is Daniel Yoong?

The multi-talented Daniel grew up in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and loved music ever since he was little. He would kick in his mother's womb when his dad would play guitar and sing. He started playing the piano at the ripe age of 4 but the piano alone wasn't enough to satisfy the hunger for more music knowledge, thus began his quest to start learning the guitar on his own at 12, drums at 13, bass at 15 and violin at 17. He later graduated from International College of Music and the renowned Berklee College of Music.


Daniel puts on many different hats as a musician,

Daniel Yoong The ARTIST

His first EP "T.I.N.Y." was released in April of 2010 and got major attention in the local scene. Following that success, he began touring and has been gracing the stage ever since in South East Asia. In July 2016 he released his next record "First Love".

The single "Dreaming" had gone viral within just two days upon release. Daniel and his band had toured around the world including Australia, Asia and North America. 

His new single "Changing" is out now.

Listen to DY's music now

Daniel the Bass Player

When Daniel isn't singing and playing his own music, he makes appearances in sessions or is on the road backing up bands or artists on the bass. He's been seen with artists like Steve Thornton, Gabriel Lynch, Izzy Marcil, Hipshot, Mary Macavoy and many more.

Visit GALLERY to listen to Daniel's bass playing

Daniel the Composer

Despite leaning more on the rock side of the musical spectrum for his own solo work, he displays his versatility as a songwriter through numerous collaborative efforts with other artists including jingles, arranging, production and an array film scoring compositions. 

Visit GALLERY to hear some of his compositions

Daniel’s music accomplishments can be found all across the internet, from film scoring, arranging, solo work, sessions for a multitude of other artists and many many more. Some of his proudest moments include a performance with percussionist Steve Thornton (Herbie Hancock, Michael Jackson, Tracey Chapman), playing in Malaysia's national stadium, headlining the First Love Tour in South East Asia and Australia tour as well as touring Asia with Army of Three.

"We dream because it gives us hope, and what good is life if we don't have hope?" says the 23 year old Daniel Yoong from Boston, Massachusetts.


Daniel Yoong is a songwriter who believes that as a musician, he has the responsibility to bring a message of hope and love to people. Many people don't have outlets to express themselves, turning to music in the end because songs understand us, they speak our minds for us.